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About WalkOnFoam.com

The whole idea about creating WalkOnFoam.com was to guide and help users like you who are reading this, to take an informed decision before purchasing their next set of shoes. Rather it be for your office or casual use, I have done enough due diligence on the products that I have reviewed on my website to ensure that you can enjoy walking around painlessly and in utmost comfort.

Initially, the idea was to write a detailed guide on buying office shoes. But I ended up writing detailed reviews about different type of shoes that my audience would benefit from.

Trust me its not an easy job to be an online product reviewer.


I want this blog to be the only page that you ever read before taking an informed decision on proceeding with your next shoe purchase. Rather it be for your office needs, hiking, casuals, party wear, joggers, etc.

Don’t forget to read the reviews completely and I would be glad if you could leave a comment.