How To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet PERMANENTLY

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet PERMANENTLY

Smelly feet is a common problem amongst many of us. It not only is embarrassing but also is a medical condition that should be taken care of promptly. Few people that I know are always in a fear to take their shoes off so to avoid running the stench across the room causing embarrassment and discomfort to own self. So whether it is your wife, a coworker or some unfortunate soul at the floor outside, I am sure we all know of that one example where the whole room was cleared due to the stench from one’s sweaty dogs. Heck, even I suffer from sweaty feet from time to time. To be honest, this can happen to almost anyone. But pregnant women, teens, elderly, people with heart disease and the ones who are diabetics are more prone to sweaty feet. Sweat is caused due to the perspiration your body goes through throughout the day.

You should not run away from the fact that your feet sweat. Instead, attend to the issue and nip it in the bud. There are two main things that you should address almost on a daily basis to avoid having sweaty feet.

  1. Your feet themselves
  2. Socks and the shoes that you wear


A prevalent condition and a medical name for sweaty feet is “bromodosis”. This happens when the sweat builds up and in result causes bacteria to grow on top of your skin. Which in effect causes bad smell and odour that we have previously spoken about. There is yet another issue that can propagate the sweat feet condition, that is the Athlete’s foot.

But don’t be scared of Bromodosis. Since I have researched very thoroughly on this topic and have come up with remedies that would help you eliminate the odour almost permanently.



Below are some key points that would help you understand in a brief what causes smelly feet. More precise details are given in the article below.

  1. The main culprit behind smelly feet is the inception of moisture which causes bacteria.
  2. Although this isn’t a medical concern, this condition in its own is a major self-conscious killer, and it affects a person’s ability to socialise with others.
  3. Bacteria is always present on the skin naturally.
  4. The smell originates when this bacteria breaks down from the breakdown of dead skin cells.

I hope this wasn’t too much of a biology lesson.


Well, the two main offenders in a stinky feet situation are your feet and the shoes. To get rid of the smell permanently, it is vital that you

  1. Improve your personal hygiene
  2. Rotate your shoes off and on

Few other remedies listed below are narrowed down into two categories. One is the stuff you can do at home yourself to counter the smelly feet issue and the second one being the usage of the commercial product.


  1. Every time you take a shower, make sure to use regular soap and a scrubbing brush. Pour warm water onto your feet and scrub away mildly with soap in hand.
  2. Always ensure that your toenails are clipped and kept clean at all times.
  3. Make sure to remove the hard skin that gets accumulated on your feet with a foot file. To successfully conduct this process, ensure that your feet are wet. Since when the skin is damp, using a foot filer on it enhances its effect almost 5 times.
  4. Make it a habit to change your socks at least once a day. Do not be like me, who uses the same pair of socks for 10 days. I bet you had a good laugh reading this one.
  5. Always keep two pair of shoes that you can switch to and fro every alternative day. Doing this helps the pair that you had been wearing throughout the day, to dry out the next day. This helps eliminate moisture and excess sweat that accumulates into it due to prolonged usage.
  6. Always go for the socks that absorb moisture. Sport socks and or socks made from the thick fibre are the way to go to counter the sweat produced.
  7. If it is warm outside, go for open-toed sandals over closed shoes. There are a variety of sandals available in the market these days that help eliminate odour and sweat, but we are not discussing those type of shoes in this article.
  8. Always steer clear of shoes that are “too” tight. Since wearing tight shoes not only enhances moisture creation but also is a different ball-game altogether. Tight shoe article has been covered in great lengths. You may click here to read more about it.
  9. Alcohol is not only for drinking. So is said. You can use a bit of alcohol on a cotton swab and run it across your toe fingers. This dramatically helps to dry your feet out. Be careful not to apply alcohol directly onto cracked skin as you would start seeing adverse effects.
  10. Use a medicated powder that you have lying around. If not, any cosmetic powder does the job. This helps keep the feet dry.
  11. Use of anti-fungal or anti-bacterial soaps also helps eliminate odour from your feet. Keep on shifting to a particular brand and make that you find useful.


There are several products made available to us, but to be reasonably honest; one should always seek the assistance of a doctor before trying out any medication or prescriptive alternatives for a better and safe approach. Almost all of these products would help you eliminate the odour in your feet but do keep in mind that there are certain cons to them as well. I have arrived at this conclusion purely by exercising the use of these products myself.


Commercial products should only be used given the advice of the doctor. These products are known to have premium quality ingredients that help you eliminate foot odours in no time. You should always consider using products that are FDA approved. Or are tested and passed by your local regulatory authority. Given the use of these products, they also leave your skin feeling fresh, healthy and a bit young if I put it right. I even tried using one of the commercial products directly on my hands since these puppy’s sweat too. But God was I wrong! It started itching. So make sure you keep the intent to use of these products solely for what they have been manufactured for.

Some of the cons of commercial products include but not limited to, sticky feeling on their feet. Feet were becoming chalky after the application, but this is highly possible in case of hyperhidrosis condition. If you are allergic to strong smells, then do make sure that you discuss this with your dermatologist; doctor, and get hold of the prescription that is well suited and tailored according to your needs. You may not get as close to what you are looking for, but the way modernisation and globalisation are taking place; you just may be lucky to find a perfect fit of a prescription that would help you get rid of those smelly feet once and for all.

I personally am a huge fan of resorting to home remedies.


You may try replacing your current insoles and switching them with odour-reducing or antibacterial insoles. These are known to work wonders.

Another option is to opt-in for anti-bacterial sprays and disinfecting sprays that can be used directly onto the insoles of your shoes. However, this particular option requires you to spray the insoles and leave them to dry for a more extended period before they can be inserted into your shoes for use. I am impatient I know!


Mix 1/3 cup of the apple vinegar into a bucket filled with warm or cold water. Soak your feet into the bucket and let them sit and relax in it for 20 to 30 minutes every day. The acid in the vinegar helps neutralise the odour and kills the bacteria on your feet. Apple cider vinegar is not only useful for neutralising foot smell but also has great health benefits if consumed solely every day. You can spray it on top of your next Quinoa dish or freshly diced green salad.


It is not so common to resort to medical treatments to help eliminate the foot odour, but at times when everything else in existence is not helping you to get rid of that pungent stench; then you may resort to a doctor for a more detailed examination and treatment. These include


This is something that scares the bejesus out of me! This process involves running a mild electric current in the water and then soaking your feet into the solution. This helps reduce the incidence of sweat.

This method is reported to help almost 90% of the people who were suffering from sweaty feet. If done correctly, this treatment can help you get rid of sweating on the areas where the procedure is performed. Yes, this can also be done on your hands; and other parts of your bodies capable of producing sweat, but I would stay yet far away from them till more scientific evidence, and backing has been done.

In all aspects and scenarios, do not try this at home! I am being dead honest here.


If you are scared of an injection, then this option is not suitable for you. Botulinum toxin is the full form for the word BOTOX, and hence this treatment involves injecting the serum via a syringe into your feet by a means known as the plantar injection.

High endurance to pain is required to withstand the discomfort this particular treatment brings with it. And the result that you get with it only lasts for a couple of months. Reportedly, 3 to 4 months in total. And then it’s the same rinse and repeat process. So if you are really someone who wants to endure the pain just to be sweat-free, then please feel free to seek your doctor for consultation and book this session of botox treatment.



In the majority of the cases, Bromodosis can easily be eliminated by the continuous use of home remedy tips that we have read above. But in case of stubborn conditions, where the stench is prevalent and is not diminishing by the use of the home remedies, it is best to see a doctor as there could be severe underlying conditions that are not open to the naked eye and can cause further damage to your feet and health.

Occasionally a funky smell from your feet can also be a sign to a more significant medical problem that you should not ignore. If you see there is excessive swelling, cuts or bruises in between your toes and or redness; then this is a clear sign of a problem and following the home remedies is not advised in this particular scenario. One should immediately seek assistance from a medical practitioner or a dermatologist and get hold of the prescriptions tailored to your condition. Make sure that you do not neglect the use of these medications as not heeding enough caution can result in severe impacts to your well-being.

People who are diabetics should be conscientious and should be on a continuous lookout for foot odour. If you have diabetes, then neglecting your foot odour can have a severe impact on your health. Foot odour in a diabetic patient is a sign of a severe problem and should not be overlooked.

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