Are Clogs a Foot Healthy Choice?

Are Clogs a Foot Healthy Choice

Clogs! A Fascinating name isn’t it? Also, no they aren’t an old-school design or fashion. Clogs are very well in fashion and demand in the 21st century and are the single best thing that you can put on your feet and move about all day. For a product that is so simple yet aesthetic, clogs have been around for centuries. Quite a contrast to my opening statement isn’t it! Well, let us dig deep into the topic as to what they are and why enormous benefits do these have for its wearers.

A thick pair of shoe traditionally made from wood; these are used as protective footwear by people all over the world. A prime example of such would be those working in mines and farms and those who work all day long. Today clogs are seen as more of a fashion requirement rather than its utility use of being suitable for joint health. One of the best examples surrounding clogs shoes in the new century is CROCS. They are the foam version of wooden Clog shoes.

With the modernisation and new industrial standards in shoe building coming up almost on a daily basis, Clogs have moved away from their typical wooden structure and are now being manufactured in either a wooden sole with a leather upper or sometimes even no wood at all. This significantly hampers the medicinal benefits of these shoes. The traditional design of Clogs is, however, still available with high-end retailers that would provide you with a decent upper and a wooden frame structure that is both comfortable and accompanies its traditional foot and joint benefits.

Although these shoes dated centuries ago, however their use in today’s world is inevitable. Clogs are being used by medical professionals, nurses and those whom job requires them to stand all day. Wearing Clogs helps them immensely minimising foot, ankle, back and knee pain.

Are clogs comfortable?

So is the question. A good pair of Clogs would have all the benefits any decent pair of shoes would have in them. When wearing one, you can rest assured that your foot will be provided the proper comfort and support by its structure. Unlike traditional shoes that place a great deal of stress on our ligament’s, joints and what not; a well built and designed Clog helps eliminate those factors and keeps you comfortable all day long.

Are clogs comfortable

You must now be thinking what to consider when buying a pair of Clogs for yourself? Fret not; I have taken the liberty to jot down points for your reading pleasure.

  • A Small heel
  • Soles with Arc Support
  • Tight, Comfortable Upper Sections

Bit of a history lesson now?

Clogs date back to the Roman centurions who conquered England back in the days. Realistically no one knows who invented these. However, through the cusp of time, Clogs geometrical structure remained the same even with time. Probably because they are so efficient and comfortable.

Clogs History

In the present day, the adoption of Clogs into the society came in around the late ’70s. The reason being their usage benefits and simplicity. Nowadays, these can be seen worn as a fashion statement and both comfortability. As I stated above, Clogs are also widely recommended for Doctors and nurses whose main job is to run around the whole day.

Clogs will always remain a unique thing in our world and in the future. Purely because of its simple structure and enormous benefits that they provide to its user. You would never know about how comfortable they are unless you slip on a pair after purchasing them. You can’t go wrong with having a pair of Clogs in your closet.

Most of the high street stores, retailers would have a Clogs design shoe keep for your ready-use and purchase. You can’t just change the right shoe if it’s meeting all the requirements.


So to summarise it all, Clogs are suitable for your posture, joint health and longevity are ultra-comfortable and let us not forget a head-turner. Hey, who wouldn’t like to be noticed while walking around and being praised?

Let us all join the Clog revolution?

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