Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes?

Let us be honest here! Who hasn’t thought about it?  I have taken the liberty to write a detailed article on this topic since this fascinated me the most when I was younger. And always fancied the shoes that belonged to the other gender.

This greatly depends on the type of shoe one’s looking at. Women’s shoe varies greatly in shape, style and design. In the modern world where dressier styles, heights, heels, flats and platform shoes are into the picture it would be safe to assume that men wouldn’t want to be ever near these shoes that are categorically designed for the women population. The case is different for the athletic shoes where those that are designed for women can easily be worn by men since it would cause minimum amusement to the public and be less of a head-turner.

ADIDAS has done an excellent job when it comes down to shoes that are designed for athletic purposes. Realistically a pair called as STAN SMITH by ADIDAS can be worn by both the genders as it poses less of a threat to either gender when mixed and matched. Keeping all this in mind, if you are desperately in love with a design of a particular brand, and you are made known, that the male version is out of stock or out of production (I would certainly not like to believe so), then you very well can slip yourself into a women’s pair with a slightly larger size to camouflage the fact and remain proud.


With the modernization, the trend goes “IF YOU LIKE IT YOU WEAR IT”. Quiet realistically this concept is applied at every part of our life’s these days. The love for heels is admired by both the sex and no it doesn’t impact your orientation. People are widely accepting this very fact and we can see women wearing men’s clothing and vice versa.

I remember reading somewhere on the internet that a guy was prescribed by his doctor to wear heels which would help him get rid of his back pain and correct his posture. So if we are to stick to the fact that each gender should stick to their own manufactured versions of shoes then hey, blame the doctors isn’t it?

If you have reading this far, let us now jump to the phase where I would guide you how you can find the right size if you ever think about putting on shoes that are gender-specific. There is no standard formula or a one-size-fit-all in such scenarios. You must not buy these shoes thinking they would fit since sooner or later you would be going back to the shop to have them either replaced or refunded. It is always advisable to slip them on and walk a few steps to ensure they fit you properly and are comfortable.

Coming down to heels, sandals etc is a different ballgame altogether. Unless your plan is to cross dress, or appear at a Halloween party scaring your own family first or even better going to a drag show, then please feel free to put on any of the mentioned shoe styles and be ready to be welcomed with either good or bad comments. Bad in my case since I know I wouldn’t be able to pull that off.


So, going by the rule of thumb! Women and men can wear each other’s shoes given the 2 basic rules. If I want to try out a women’s shoe I would go for a slightly larger size than the one I am currently adjusted to and for the off-set a size smaller should do wonders for their fit.

If you liked the above article, please feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree with my article above!

Zohaib Shaikh

Hi, I'm Zohaib. I too had been suffering from uncomfortable shoes throughout my life. Hope you like my comfortable mugshot!

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