Can Shoes Go In Hand Luggage?

can shoes go in hand luggage

So the question is, can you carry your shoes in your hand luggage onto an aircraft. You don’t trust your fancy shoes to be kept in the luggage bay of the plane? Well, then you are no different. I myself always choose to carry my shoes either by wearing them before boarding the aircraft or be even carrying them in my hands using a strap. This makes me feel the most comfortable. But a few things to consider before carrying them on is that to ensure you are not violating the airline’s hand-luggage policy and always ensure to check with the ground-staff of the airline if it is OK to carry them in hand or just place them safely in your hand luggage.

Normally the airlines do not have any restrictions carrying your personal shoes on board the aircraft. They only issue a list of prohibited and allowed goods. And since shoes fall in that category, it is very easy to carry them on you into the plane.

This rule is different however for different countries of the world.

United Kingdom

Department for Transport is solely responsible for the security screenings and security at all the airports within the UK mainland.

United States

The Transportation Security Administration is responsible for all the security checks at their airports.


Ah, lovely Germany! Rules are slightly different for Germany. The Federal Police decides what you can and cannot carry onboard the aircraft viz. your hand luggage. No point arguing with them as they are following their own strict Standard Operating Procedures and pushing them to lean towards your request would not end up fancy.

Apart from the list of allowed and prohibited goods, their job is to ensure that anything that imposes danger to the other passengers and the aircraft is left at bay and the person prosecuted. Other than that they have fairly no role into deciding what you can and cannot carry onboard the aircraft.

So all in all, airlines staff or the security staff have no issue with you carrying your shoes or even extra pair of shoes on board the flight. So relax, you can now carry your expensive PRADA’s, or the LV pair that you wouldn’t entrust keeping in your booked luggage, onboard the flight. Kudos!

Can you carry High Heels on a plane?

Can you carry High Heels on a plane?

The simplest answer to this is “MAYBE”. Let us now dwell on the subject for better clarity, shall we?

You think that what is the difference in a high heel shoe and a normal one? They are still shoes at the end of the day. Well to a certain extent, that sounds logical; but in reality anything that poses a threat whether it is significant or insignificant is arguably not allowed on the aeroplane in your hand-luggage. The sole reason is that these things can be used to injure somebody and or damage the plane.

With a raise of hands, who here agrees that “STILETTOS” aren’t dangerous? Yes, that’s my hand that you can see amongst the others who have raised it! In all honesty, I haven’t seen ladies who are carrying such shoes onboard the aircraft are denied boarding just because they are carrying stilettos. But it could be the case that if the security personnel at the airport deems it to be inappropriate or unsafe, they may request you to nestle your pair along with your booked luggage. One should listen to the security advice by these professionals and adhere to their instructions. After all, they are deployed there for the safety of other passengers and most importantly “You”.

Can You Carry Ice Skates On A Plane?

Can You Carry Ice Skates On A Plane?

Now, for the majority of the airlines; and with the continuous development in their procedures and policies; most of the airlines do not permit to carry your ice-skates with you in your hand luggage. The reason being the sharpness of the blades. And since anything sharp poses a significant threat, hence the reason for disallowing them to carry onboard.

My experience says that you should always have your ice-skating gear checked-in and you should not be carrying them on-board.

Well, if you are using a ZUCA BAG to carry your ice-skates on board, then yes you can very easily carry your ice-skates with you on the aircraft; since some airlines permit that. Having this bag allows you to safely keep them in the bag, and it is a big bag for carrying all your skating stuff. Honestly, you can’t be carrying anything other than your Zuca Bag on-board since they are huge. It is always best to check with your airline prior to your travel dates if they allow bags of such dimensions on board the aircraft and in your hand luggage.


To sum it all up, it is equally important to ensure that your shoes aren’t protruding from your hand-luggage since that is totally prohibited. Your hand luggage should be completely sealed with its default zip-lining closed and locked.

If you liked the article above, please feel free to leave a comment below. Have you ever experienced anyone carrying their shoes on board the aircraft? Did they face any issues before boarding? Would love to hear from you.

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