Can You Polish Your Shoes with a Banana?

Can You Polish Your Shoes with a Banana

Can you make a shoe polish from a banana peel? Will your shoes turn yellow? Will my shoes smell like a banana? All these questions are mandatory when you read this article that I have researched over the internet for my valuable readers!

What makes a good shoe polish out of a banana peel? The single most sought after material that co-exists in commercial shoe polish and a banana peel is potassium. Making this technique equally good if you are like me who likes sticking to organic products. This is the best organic you can be! After you are done reading through this article and applying the technique of using a banana peel to polish your shoes, you would be astounded with the results you would get! You would not only be to save money on those expensive shoe-polishes but also you won’t have the risk of being exposed to chemicals that these commercial products have in them.

Who wouldn’t want to smell delicious? Jokes apart! Bananas are a perfect alternative to your daily shoe polish. As long as you have a banana in your house, you don’t need to worry about running out of shoe polish. Are we not going bananas after this? Well, then let’s get straight to the trick.


  1. Get your hands on a not-so-ripe banana. Peel it and eat the fruit in it. You wouldn’t want to throw away a banana just because your shoe needed a good polish. This is important!
  2. Start scrubbing your shoe that requires that fancy banana’ous (Yeap, I made that up!) polish. Begin by running the inner-lining of the peel directly onto the shoe. Make sure that you rub it all over the surface. Going in circles also helps, just as you would with normal shoe polish.

    At this stage, if you start seeing residues on the shoe itself. Then do not worry! This is part of the process. Well this is the least I can say!
  3. Once the polish phase is completed, get hold of a dry cloth and wipe off the residues that are present on the shoe been treated.
  4. Give it one final buff with a dry cloth and keep on it till you see the shoe begins to shine to your liking.
  5. Here we have a beautiful pair of shoe that we loved the most to be given this organic treatment shining at its fullest glory and pomposity.

Some added benefits of polishing your shoes with banana peels

Some added benefits of polishing your shoes with banana peels

Banana peel is filled with natural oils. You wouldn’t know of it unless you squeeze the peel hard enough or pinch it till the extent the oil starts dripping out of its peel. These oils are beneficial for the leather of your shoes which in result helps them to last longer. The oils present in the peel soak right into the leather.

On the other hand, the traditional shoe polish that is readily available on the shelves in the market contains hazardous chemicals. As much as toxic, that in Los Angeles and most other places in the US, you are not permitted to dump the shoe polish in a regular trash-can. It must be disposed of in dedicated hazardous containers since these products contain materials such as naphtha and turpentine which is injurious to health and the environment.


Following the technique above would not only give you a shinier shoe but also would help safeguard the environment, leaving behind zero packaging waste.

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