Do nice shoes always have to be uncomfortable?

Do nice shoes always have to be uncomfortable

Often at times, I have come across forums and discussions boards where people are ridiculing the fact that latest designs and fashion shoes are not comfortable and are not an excellent fit for your daily use. I remember reading somewhere on the internet by a poster with the comment “PAIN IS THE PRICE ONE MUST PAY FOR STYLE AND BEAUTY’. This is a very imprecise statement and is not the case for enjoying a beautiful pair of shoe with great comfort.

Let me save you the headache; the answer is “NO”. Care to read more about the findings and how I derived to this conclusion? Read below

Well, that could be the case if you aren’t vigilant enough to ensure the proper size is bought before proceeding to buy a new pair for your casual or work wear. Many a time, women purposely buy a pair of shoe that is a size smaller than their original fit. To pride their ego, they end up with a pair which is although trendy and in-demand but is not comfortable since they are accustomed to wearing an “X’ size instead they end up buying a smaller size. I am not saying that every woman does this, but a recent study showed that almost NINE-ZERO (90%) women who were interviewed during this study, confessed to having bought a shoe that was one size smaller than their original size. Eventually this pair of shoe then ended up lying in their clandestine doing no good to anyone. As compared to men, it was challenging to find information on them as the trend in women is a bit on the higher side as compared to them.

The reality of the matter is that foot sizes tend to change throughout our life. A prime example is post-pregnancy. After giving birth, some women reported having a slight increase in their foot size. Similarly as we tend to gain or lose weight, our foot changes accordingly; and further to add, gradually when our arches begin to drop this often causes our foot to increase half a size or even more sometimes. Some foot problems cope better with different shoes. For example, a person with plantar fasciitis usually copes well with a neutral cushion running shoe as opposed to a walking shoe.

Since we have that out of the way, let me now take you through the implications of buying a wrong pair of shoes. Women often suffer from issues such as bunions, hammertoes, neuromas and much more! Just because of picking up a pair that was a tad smaller to their original fit. It is always advisable to have the clerks at the shoe-store measure your feet every time you are opting in to try a new pair of shoe. Let them be the best judge into measuring your feet and then suggesting and recommending the best size there is for your feet. Honestly, this would eliminate the factor of sore feet and non-comfortability that any new pair of shoes would ever impose.

On the contrary, running shoes provide a higher heel zone, which helps reduce pressure on both, our heels and the arches. These type of shoes tend to provide extra cushioning than walking shoes. The norm is that shoes with some heel are always better and comfortable than ones with none. Similarly, Shoes with a more comprehensive, spacious toebox are ideal for people suffering from hammertoes and bunion issues.


To compose it all, you can very easily fit yourself and snug into a brand new pair of shoe for your needs if you keep the above suggestions in mind before purchasing. The ideal way to buy a new pair is always to ensure you get your feet measured by the clerks are the store and always go with their recommendations. This would eventually save you the hassle of being uncomfortable in your new shiny pair and also save you the hassle of driving back to the store for a replacement or a refund. Trust me; it is not always fun to drive back miles to your favourite store where you bought your shoes from and have them replace or refund.  

I hope this article would have helped you to address your concern if all the NICE shoes always hurt or no.

Zohaib Shaikh

Hi, I'm Zohaib. I too had been suffering from uncomfortable shoes throughout my life. Hope you like my comfortable mugshot!

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