Heel-Less Shoes: Yay or Nay?

Heel-Less Shoes yay or nay

For years, the love for high heels and heels, in general, was the way to go. Women were crazy about hoarding upon them high heels for ages. The trend took off back in the early ‘70s, and it went on uphill since then. Although fancy, a constant reminder of “no pain no gain” in style was the benchmark on these heels, and it was a requirement by any fashionista to populate their wardrobe with one or one too many pairs. However, there wasn’t an end to this mantra and to further exacerbate this, the designers thought it would be fancy to bring in another pair of shoe, most commonly known as HEEL-LESS Shoe. What a world we live in!

These heel-less shoes base their height on a platform that does not extend throughout the shoe. They are platform heels without heels. The platform often bends towards the back of the shoe as if it were cut.

A famous British fashion designer namely Antonio Berardi, pioneered these shoes back in 2007 for his runway collection, women have gone wild over getting a pair of these shoes. Celebrities, namely Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham donned these shoes and thus then made famous worldwide. Since these shoes were manufactured, they had only stepped on the red-carpet since inception. However, do these shoes have a place in the wardrobes of our female readers? A self-designed version of these shoes by Antonio Berardi, go out for a whopping 160 USD by a famous clothing giant (NEW LOOK). Given the price tag on these, I believe this is going to be a piece of a beautiful art rather than wear on pair that someone would go for! Well, this design is not yet so common amongst the high-street retailers. But if you are like me and always go out and about researching a product before you purchase, you can easily get hold of a heel-less shoe pair from either eBay or one of those Chinese manufacturer websites. You can quickly get hold of a variety of different designs from these pages and can secure a deal if you are interested in buying one pair for yourself.

For some people, a regular shoe is something that they can easily slip on. For some it’s a full scientific equation. Having said that, a rather unconvincing claim comes from the creator of these shoes saying these shoes aren’t that uncomfortable as they look. Hey, let us not judge the book by its cover! Some people whom I have come across have loved the way these shoes slip on, and they claim it to be a regular shoe. I am the judging, but concept of a “REGULAR SHOE” lost on few isn’t it?


Quite sadly, the thought remains with a few “no pain no gain”. And they would do anything to remain in the fashion spotlight. I am not saying that’s a bad thing, but honestly I wish them good luck! If I was to take a final plunge at this article, then I believe that these Catwalk shoes are only good for the ramp and not for the outside world. Maybe we are just not ready for it yet? I do agree that these shoes are quirky, trendy and are certainly a statement piece but I would certainly not want to gift these to anyone I know. Moreover, if you are not from the feint-hearted group in which I belong, and are thinking about venturing into purchasing one pair for yourself, then all I got to say to you is: be careful!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Let me know what you think of these shoes?

Zohaib Shaikh

Hi, I'm Zohaib. I too had been suffering from uncomfortable shoes throughout my life. Hope you like my comfortable mugshot!

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