How to Add Grip to Basketball Shoes

how to add grip to basketball shoes

Basketball players need shoes that have got a good grip and enormous traction to ensure that when they move, jump, take quick turns and change directions; the shoes support their every movement. However, unfortunately, over time these shoes tend to pick up dirt and dust, which in results impacts the durability and safety of these shoes significantly.

If you are like me who likes a bit of a DIY in their life’s, then this article is for you! I am going to put down all the suggestions and tips that you can use to add grip to your basketball shoes that have gone bad.

Steps to add a grip to basketball shoes

To begin with:

  1. Always ensure to keep the bottom of your shoes clean at all times. Use a damp cloth to wipe off the bottom and then a damp cloth to dry it out. There is a vast difference between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes. Either of those should not be used on the opposite surfaces at any time. Since the material used in each design is different than the other.
  2. Always ensure to keep the basketball court clean and mopped at all times. Weren’t you expecting this one, right? (wink)
  3. Consider applying grip enhancers at the bottom of your shoes. An example would be sticky mats.
  4. Use a hairspray at the bottom sole to increase traction.
  5. Moisten up the bottom of your shoe with water when they start to become slick.

Another DIY Trick to Enhance The Grip On Your Basketball Shoes

Another solution to enhance the grip on your basketball shoes would be a complete DIY if you ask me. So get your engineering gear on and let’s get right to it.

Mix a solution of liquid soap (you can use any soap here), with water and place it in a one-gallon bucket. I am not a big fan of plastic, so you can use any container to store this concoction! Using a stiff brush, hard clean the sole and the sides with it. Making sure the grooves of your shoes are thoroughly cleaned. Apply gentle pressure while going through the whole process to get rid of the excess dirt your shoe has picked up. Now take a wire brush and immerse its bristles into the soapy solution, scrubbing the soles and its sides thoroughly with it.

Once all this is done, rinse the shoes under running water. Making sure all the excessive soap is drawn out and washed away, giving you a feel of a brand new pair. Pleasing to see, isn’t it?

Wait, we are not done yet!

Another DIY Trick to Enhance The Grip On Your Basketball Shoes

Put some gloves on. Get yourself a sports shoe colour restorer (high quality, the better); and apply it onto a rag. Using enough of the restorer on the rag, apply it thoroughly all over the shoe coating it completely. After all this is done, time to give them a final touch! Turn the shoes upside down and place them on a hard surface. Wait till the restorer completely dries out and gives your shoes that bright shine.

Now! It’s time to test our masterpiece. Put on the shoes and test the grip on hardwood and then on a smooth surface. If the grip isn’t what you wanted, then feel free to repeat the process of scrubbing the sole with the wet wire brush and then applying another application of colour restorer on it.


All in all, this would only work if the soles of your shoes aren’t completely worn out. Do remember that your shoes should have a fair amount of grooves and texture left on the sole. If there is none, then the above will not be applicable to you, and you would most definitely need to re-sole your shoes.

Do not think of manipulating the grooves using any heated object or knife as that is prone to disastrous endings. I have been there done that!

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