How to Find Comfortable Shoes That Don’t Compromise Style

How to Find Comfortable Shoes That Don't Compromise Style

The love for high-heels and stilettos have been around for centuries. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that women often settle down for an aching foot or an uncomfortable pair of the shoe just because it is eye-gleaming and a head-turner. The love for trendy and luxurious shoes has always been around and would remain so in the coming years. The choice between being a fashionista sometimes causes them great discomfort even though some dowdy alternatives are available in the market. Wouldn’t be wrong when I say this that most women consider shoes as an ornament, a jewelry for their feet; and would the pain for the look-gain. It is a form of a personal expression being fairly modest with you.

This article encapsulates tips to maintain liveliness below the ankle.


There is a certain price point in each and every brand that I have researched across the internet, where they have begun incorporating more comfortable features into the shoes that they manufacture. So good news for the Fashionistas who always thought they would need to give up on the comfort to go for the looks when choosing their next shoes. If you are a working woman, then aim for the shoes that have a wider toe-box and a narrow heel. That ought to give you the look that you always wanted whilst remaining comfortable. On the other hand, few reviews that I had read across the internet during my research claimed that wide toe-boxes are ugly and do not compliment the style they opine for. Obviously there is a significant amount of adaption that is required but who knows!

Always aim for shoes with extra footbed padding, plenty of support and decent shock absorption embedded into them. These can be found after a certain price point by most of the major shoe retailers. Lower chunky heels can also give you the appearance of the height while keeping you comfortable at the same time.



It is a common myth that you need to be wearing heels if you ought to turn heads. That could be right, but in all honesty; flats are the new trend these days. The only thing you should be wary of in buying your next flat is to make sure you don’t go for that wide toe-box that is too narrow. Since these type of flats lack major arch support or often at times even have exposed seams inside that rub and eventually cause you blisters. A famous fashion blogger has stated that you may go for a pair of flats for your office attire and switch to lace-up gladiators for your casual weekends and night outs with your friends.


If you are a big fan of high-heels and stilettos just like my wife is, then consider shifting to wedges and chunky heels. These not only give you that extra look that you want in your shoe pairs but also provide you with a decent amount of stability and comfort. These are the new trendy outfitters and would go well with any dress that you choose to pair them up with.


A shoe is meant to be a piece of comfort. Often at times, I have come across my accomplices who claim that they need to break into a shoe before they are comfortable enough for them to wear on.

Must be wondering what Break-In is? Well this is applicable to mostly all of the shoes that are available in the market with an exception to few. But here we would consider an example of your newly bought leather shoe. Since leather is an organic material, it stretches and adapts according to your feet when you start wearing it. This is commonly referred to as the BREAK-IN. It is vital that you break-in your shoes before you think about wearing them to your work, or even for a night out with your friends. You wouldn’t want your day to be a mess by not having the shoes stretched enough to fit and adjust your feet. The normal break-in period is around 24 hours of wearing them. So always keep this into consideration before you strut away.

On the other hand, if you buy a shoe that is too large; they would end up being wide and you wouldn’t be very much comfortable while walking around in them. This is not only uncomfortable but is extremely dangerous as you can spoil your gait and damage your muscles and often times your “bones”.


Historically known brands that manufacture comfortable shoes are (but not limited to), Clarks, Birkenstock, Nike, etc. These brands are not only known for their comfortable shoes but now have adapted the strategy to manufacture elegant, sophisticated, stylish and trendy shoes. These brands ensure that you don’t compromise your style in search of comfortable shoes both for work and for casual night-outs.



Ever heard the phrase “COMFORTABLE HIGH HEELS”. This word is a complete oxymoron in the women’s realm of shoes. But with the modernization and globalization at its peak in the 21st century, this concept has drastically changed by the inception of “GEL INSOLES”.  The best way you can still wear high heels and stilettos is by investing in a decent gel-insole from a reputable company. Be wary though that the gel-insoles tend to wear out a lot quicker so it is always handy to keep a few at your disposal. So whenever the one that you use begins to wear out, you replace it with the spare; safeguarding you from getting damaged or injured along the way.

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