How to Increase Blood Flow to Feet For Diabetics

How to Increase Blood Flow to Feet For Diabetics

Diabetes is a topic that I hardly doubt anyone wouldn’t know of. According to a statistic by The Centers for Disease Control, almost 100 million U.S. adults are now living with either diabetes or prediabetes. Not only that but also Diabetes is the seventh leading cause for deaths in the U.S.A. alone! Now that’s a staggering number. Well, I am no medical expert but my main job is to ensure and educate my readers with the best possible tips and suggestions from the internet after carefully reviewing them, ensuring that these would enable them to cope up with issues about diabetes. The below article is carefully researched by me and I have taken every little precaution to ensure its integrity.

There are a fair amount of discomfort involved with being a diabetic — numbness in feet, legs, cramping, tingling and sometimes even excruciating pains at times. The whole reason behind these symptoms is because of poor circulation or nerve damage. Sometimes even both! This is then most commonly referred to as the Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Peripheral Neuropathy. Both of these conditions are triggered due to high insulin levels in your blood. I strongly recommend that you see your doctor regularly till the time both are under control since these may have severe impact on your well-being.

So, what can you do that would help you be a bit more comfortable?

Well, the first tip is to try the


By a general rule of thumb, once you relax on your couch with your feet up after a long day. What you feel is that your body and mind takes a complete U-turn. Throughout the day your nervous system activity tries to balance between it’s sympathetic (in layman terms, action-oriented) and parasympathetic division (in layman terms, rest and recovery). Categorically during the day when you are under stress; rather it be carrying out a chore or an exhausting day at work; your nervous system activity provokes the “FLIGHT OR FIGHT” response of the above mentioned “sympathetic division”. Which in result, increases your heart rate, your blood flow, blood pressure, our very own BLOOD SUGARS, thus resulting in excessive blood to flow to the brain, heart and your muscles. Eventually the stress hormones kick in.

Now the part about RELAXATION!, When you kick into the relaxation mode, it increases you rest and recovery phase, which is most commoly referred to as the parasympathetic activity. Which in return reduces the stress the body is going through and re-routes the blood flow from the vital organs as described above and also toward the skin and our digestive system. Blood glucose levels then drop considerably when you are in the state of rest. Not to hold me for a ballpark figure, but studies claim that 2 to 4 hours into the resting position, your blood sugar levels start falling.

Now coming down to the second tip


There are three steps to this technique. Realistically this technique is known to work wonders if done right. And requires continuous effort by the user to actually make it happen and provide you with the greater benefits.

  • The first (1) step involves following instructions from an audio source that would prompt the user to release their tension over their conscious muscle relaxation tips and breathing effort.
  • The second (2) step implicates ”visualization”. With that I mean, a person images the comfort and warmth around their feet. The whole idea is the formulaton of a conceptual image of being relaxed and visualising it around you. This particular technique has been known to treat various illnesses. In all aspect of this technique, the purpose is to visualise the desired healing and reminding oneself of the how beautiful and strong their legs and feet were during the earlier stages of their life. This particular section of the technique also has audio instructions where the instructor guides the user of several images that assist into getting into that state of mind.
  • The third and most critical component of this technique is referred to as the ASSISTED THERMAL BIOFEEDBACK. Biofeedback is a medical technology that has been around for decades. It is in essence a way of looking inside, watching the bodily systems changing in real-time, using medical sensors which are painless. These are used to monitor the change in respiration, breathing, changes in heart rate, changes in temperature. All of these things are expressions that can be measured on the surface of the skin. With the help of this technology, doctors can measure these really suttle signals and display them on large screens for you to be able to see what’s going on in your body. This in its own is a very fascinating thing since you can see on the screen infront of you during this process, what your body is going through and what type of response your brain generated in response to that. Therefore, in this scenario, assisted thermal biofeedback involves measuring the temperature of the skin at a precise place (such as your finger or even the big toe) before relaxation and then again afterwards. This before and after configuration allows you to relax instead of worrying about changing the temperature. The temperature rise recorded at the completion of the WarmFeet exercise shows that a more tranquil state has reached. Recollecting how this relaxed state feels, and then striving for this impression the next time you exercise, strengthens and improves a person’s ability to attain the desired result of a rise in their skin temperature. To ensure this new skill is exercised and kept into motion, keeping a temperature change log helps immensely.

The benefits of the WarmFeet technique are enormous. Firstly, it helps increase peripheral blood flow. Reduces pain in the legs and feet. Heals the foot ulcers at a rapid pace. Greatly improves the coping skills for daily stress.


WarmFeet technique is so much sought after that exercising it on a daily basis would make a significant impact on your blood flow to your feet. I do understand that any new technique or concept takes time to settle, but I can’t stress this enough that following the above suggestions and tips that I had mentioned in my article; you would see a significant improvement in your daily life and your feet would feel a lot healthier. This therapy has got enough research and clinical backing to prove its worth.

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