How to Shrink Leather Shoes That Have Stretched

how to shrink leather shoes that have stretched

Nothing worse than realizing that your expensive pair of leather shoe that you got for Christmas has been stretched and worn out. Heck, I would have a mini heart-attack if that happened to my beloved shoes with that lovely tanned leather.

Here I give you three (3) tips that would help you shrink your leather shoes back into their standard shape, or at least better than the warped version in which they are right now. Let us begin!

Water (The most inexpensive way)

how to shrink leather shoes that have stretched with water

Steps are as of below

  1. Pretreat your shoes with a leather protector to prevent any discoloration during the process of aligning them back. This would ensure that they are protected from any scratches.

    Once this step is done, make sure to leave the shoes in open space to let them dry out completely.
  2. Immerse your shoes in clean water. You don’t necessarily need to use bottled water here. However, you may if you love your shoes the way I do!

    Wait for 10 minutes.

    TIP: You may also use a spray bottle filled with clean water to thoroughly soak your pair with water.
  3. There are two options here now

    a. Toss the pair into a clothing dryer. Ensuring your dryer is kept to its lowest possible heat temperature.

    b. Use a hairdryer to dry the water out from the shoes. If you are doing this then please ensure to keep the hair dryer at least six inches away from the shoe to avoid the outer coat of the shoe to wear out or even wilt.
  4. The final step is when the shoes are completely dry. Use a leather softener to prevent cracks from appearing in the leather.


Stretched shoes are not just an eyesore but also a pain on your feet. The slip and slide, uncomfortable walking experience, shad look and the heartache of succumbing to the fact that your favorite pair is no longer an eye candy are indeed nerve-wracking.

If you loved this article and piece of advice, then feel free to let me know down in the comments section below if you are going to try it out with your next pair. Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Zohaib Shaikh

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