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You must have read 100’s of articles on this topic. But are those articles covering each and every bit of the information they provide, thoroughly researched? I am not saying they haven’t but in this article I bring to you the commonly and most frequently asked questions about Work Boots direct from the experts. This article would cover a lot of other valuable points as well along the road. So sit back, grab a cup of tea or coffee and read through!

Most Commonly Asked Questions about Work Boots

How many types of work boots exist in the market?

These come in a variety of different categories. To name a few

  • Steel toes
  • Insulated Footwear
  • Soft Toed Workboots
  • Boots designed to protect you from electrical components and hazards

So all in all, there is a boot for every space of work that you can think of. Some companies make it a mandatory requirement to have a work shoe that is manufactured under International standards and has passed Quality standards.

Does height matter in work shoes?

There are a plethora of work boot field guides available on the internet. But with a general rule of thumb, work shoes come in a variety of different heights. Majority of the professional work boots are designed to reach 6” to 8” in height in men’s version. For women shoes can be up to 5” in height. Whatever the scenario is, you should always choose a pair which provides you with the best possible ankle protection and would allow you to not submerge in the field where you are in. The whole purpose of those shoes and their height is to protect your feet from the surroundings and at the same time, keeping you comfortable and cozy.

How should work shoes fit?

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First of all, any pair of shoes that you buy; your utmost priority should be that they are comfortable. In case of work shoes, the priority list is a bit exhaustive. Key points to consider as to how your work shoes should fit are:-

  • Your feet should be nestled in the shoes comfortably and should not be rubbing against the boots back.
  • The space between the front section of the boot and your toes should be at bare minimum 1 inch at distance.
  • Your feet sides should be relaxed at all times. If any undue pressure is experienced on the foot sides, then consider buying another pair instead of the one that you are opining for.
  • Your toes should always be firm and in one place. Toes should not hit the front or the end of the boot.

Type of lacing systems

There are a variety of lacing systems that modern work boots are geared up with. The most traditional one being the eyelet. Few of other lacing systems in production are

  • D Ring closures
  • Metal hooks for quick lacing

It all depends on how often and how quick you want to put on and remove your shoes. There is no stringent rule here as to what type of a lacing system should a work boot have. It all narrows down to personal preference at the end of the day!

Different types of boot soles

There are three (3) different type of soles in a work boot. All having their own pre-designed purpose. The outer sole which is used for traction. The midsole which provides comfort and stability while walking. The insole which helps to keep your feet comfortable at all times.

Can a steel toe be added to boots?

The quickest answer to this question is NO. However, there are a plenty of accessories available in the market referred to as the overshoes that consist of a steel toe cap on stretchable rubber soles. These are then placed over your existing boot to ensure protection. So nope, these don’t go inside your shoes rather are a protective shell for the outer bit of your boot.

What is a steel toe?

The whole purpose of this toe box is to protect your feet and categorically the metatarsal bone from heavy objects falling onto your feet. Ouchie!

Its competitor is the composite toe which is lighter in weight and is inexpensive as compared to a normal steel toe shoe. However the requirement of the workplace in which you are in determines which type of shoe you should be wearing to follow the procedures and obviously the whole purpose is there for protection.


What is a steel toe?

So to summarize this article, there are a variety of work boots that are available in the market. To be honest, you should consider investing in a decent pair of work boot because at the end of the day it’s your safety that is at hand and one should be wary of its surroundings and consider the same before buying.

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