Tips To Remove Foul Odor from Your Winter Boots

Tips To Remove Foul Odor from Your Winter Boots

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It’s all fun and games until someone shows up with smelly shoes and start stinking about the house. The principle is that you would not want to ask the visitor to leave just because their boots stink. Albeit, with winter’s right around the corner, you wouldn’t want your stinky smelly shoes to be a mood-breaker. You can’t just throw them out because they are too expensive to replace. Alternatively, you like them because your best friend gifted them to you last Christmas? Well realistically once your shoes start to sink it is a clear sign that you should be out and about shoe-shopping.

However, if you are attached to your favorite pair like I am, then here in this article I cover the tips and tricks that you can use to get rid of that foul odor from your winter boots and make them set apart. They will not become new! No sir! But they would be not that smelly anymore.


We all know that scrubbing helps to remove dirt and grime from almost anything in existence. Similar is the case with your winter boots. Get hold of a soft sponge. Fill a bucket of water with some mild detergent that is available in your home. You don’t necessarily need to go out of the way to buy a detergent for this DIY tip. Now, since we have that ready! Time to remove the insoles from your shoes and whisk them with the soapy solution, making sure that both of the insoles are washed and rinsed thoroughly. Now take a dry cloth and wipe the inside and outside of the shoes thoroughly.

Now, allow the boots to dry completely. Do not, I repeat do not put them before they are dry lest the microorganisms are prone to build back up due to the moisture if they are not dry! Often at times, hanging the shoes in an open-ventilated area helps dry them inside out quicker!

BAKING SODA technique

BAKING SODA technique Shoes

First of all, take a dry piece of cloth and wipe your shoes on the inside thoroughly. Making sure that each bit of your boots is completely dry. Once that’s done! Time to sprinkle the magic dust. I meant, the “baking soda.” Oh yes, I am the culinary expert! Anyhow, make sure that baking soda covers in every inch of your boot. Now let this mixture settle in your shoes and set them aside overnight.

In the morning, make sure that you shake off all the powder from the shoes before you put them on.

Got a cat in the house? Even better! Through in some cat litter with the baking soda powder, directly into your shoe and leave it overnight. Cat litter is known to help eliminate bad odor from the shoes.

Disinfecting them with commercial sprays

Pick yourself a decent disinfectant spray and treat your smelly shoes with it. Ensuring that you spray the shoes inside out. If getting your hands on a commercial spray isn’t possible, then a DIY spray does wonders. I have personally tested it, and it works!

The concoction can be made by mixing rubbing alcohol with vinegar or essential oils. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray all over your boots. Keep them aside and let them run dry before you put them on. A word of caution, though. Vinegar on its own has a foul stench, so to get rid of it; put some drops of essentials oils or air freshener in it to offset the smell.

To ensure that your stinky smelly winter shoes remain odorless, it is vital to exercise a few healthy tips that can ensure that both your boot and your feet stay fresh!

  1. Change your socks regularly to ensure that the smell in your boots does not occur again. Socks are made up of absorbent, porous material which if not changed regularly can cause germs and bacteria to hold into them after sweating. This then gets transferred to your boots as well making both your feet, socks and boots smelly.

  2. This tip is a must-try! Get your hands on a pair of a decent odor-eliminating insoles. Most of the companies that manufacture these insoles are known to integrate and embed the insole with activated charcoal. We all know that charcoal is known for its odor-fighting properties. These insoles go out for as low as $20 and can bring a massive change.
  3. Rain, snow, showers; overall in winters your toes tend to remain wet and moist throughout the season. It is always advisable to leave the pair in a well-ventilated space to let them dry out entirely, but you put them on. This helps ensure the boots are completely dry and reduces the chance of fungus or germs build up. You can even leave them near a fireplace or a heater to speed up the process. Obvious caution should be exercised here when keeping the boots next to the radiator as we do not want to invite unnecessary hazards.
  4. Not so standard practice is to keep tea bags (DRY! For obvious reasons) into the shoes overnight. Many teabags help speed up the recovery process of eliminating the smell from the shoes. Keep them overnight and put on your shoes with a hint of lemon tea!

So, would you try any of the tips that I have mentioned above? If yes, then please feel free to report your findings below and let me know if these helped. I would love to engage with you further, but hey! That’s only possible if you leave a comment below.

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