Top 3 Ways to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big

Top 3 Ways to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big

Are your feet growing bigger? Alternatively, have your shoes shrunk in size over time? These are the questions that are bombarded at me every time I pick up a pair from my closet. Heck, this even happened when I was too enthused to pick up a new pair at the store that I wanted but couldn’t find the size to fit my feet. I am not saying you should do the same, but in worst-case scenarios when either of the above statements is applicable on you, I have compiled a guide below which entails how you can easily fit shoes that are too big for your size.

Let us not forget, shoes that are either too big or too small pose a significant amount of threat to your feet’s well-being as well. Arch pain and blisters being one of them. So to keep everything intact and especially your beloved shoe that you admire the most fit you without tossing it into the bin and being scolded by your mum (cough) or wife! I give you 3 best ways to wear shoes that are too big.

Pile on them socks!

Pile on them socks

No this isn’t a 60’s commercial! I am serious when I say this; try putting on an extra pair of sock over your current one and then try to snug those big bad boys on your feet. See if this helps! An alternative method is to put on a thicker pair of socks instead of the one that you are generally accustomed to and see if this helps cover the extra space in your shoes.

I have tested this personally on my pair of athletic shoes that I had lying around in my closet for years. You are open to trying these on with other pair of shoes too.

The only downside to this inexpensive solution is if its summertime, and you have either a thick pair of socks or two pair of socks on; then you are prone to get struck by sweat or even worse. My recommendation is to use this only in non-summer conditions.


Insoles are by far the most common solution to fixing the TOO BIG SHOE dilemma. Not only would this help cover up space and gaps but also provides an extra layer of padded protection that your feet could benefit from.

The downside to this solution is that the insoles are not long-lasting and effectively start wearing out the more you use them. So it’s always advisable to buy a one too many and stock them for future use instead of running out when they are needed. To top that, there are many manufacturers who now create  insoles that are made from memory foam, warm & wool insoles and much more. Stay far away from latex and gel-insoles as they are not a great bang for your buck!

A personally tested one is made out of Poron, and I would highly recommend you pick this up from here on amazon. This is both long-lasting and comfortable to use. These insoles can not only be used in pairs that are too big but also in your other shoes as well. Who doesn’t like an extra layer of comfort?

Ball of Foot Cushions

Ball of Foot Cushions

If inserting insoles makes you uncomfortable or this option isn’t suitable in your scenario, then the 3rd suggestion is to go for a special cushion designed specifically to be placed at the ball of your feet inside your shoe. The benefit of this type of solution is that these pads come in different size, color and shapes. These can be used for any ill-fitting flats and even high-heels.


Remember, you should always go for a pair that fits your size. This is essential for your well-being and for a relaxed day. Least of your concerns should be your shoes that aren’t fitted well. With all the suggestions above, it is vital to note that whichever solution you go for; you should always maintain good posture. If you are not wary of this, then you can lead to problems with your gait and of course your posture. Which in result would severely damage your health.

If after trying the above Top 3 Tips to Wear Shoes That Are Too Big doesn’t help than it means that the shoes are too big than what you are used to and none of the tips would work. Therefore, instead of risking your health and inviting yourself to get injured; it is wise to just replace the shoes.

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