What Kind Shoes Does a Frog Wear?

What Kind Shoes Does a Frog Wear

A not so commonly asked question, but a very fanatic debate that has been going around the internet. What kind of shoes does a frog wear? If you too are fond to know what the King Frog has worn over the years, then you would be pleased to find out the answer to this in this well sought out article that I have written for your reading pleasure! Read on you must.

Let me be a bit humorous and sarcastic here, deriving out the answer to this question made me exhale heavily from my nose. Fun isn’t it! You must try to find out how it feels.

The answer could very well be CROAK TOADS.

Didn’t like that?

Then what about OPEN TOAD SHOES!

Since now I have your attention, this question realistically was posted in some student’s algebra worksheet. This question on its own caught the internet by a storm. Not knowing the answer to this question was both funny and annoying. Since there was no simple and a straightforward answer. Debates went on for pages over pages on this question that which type of shoes does a frog wear. Some even went to the extent that WHICH BRAND OF SHOES does a frog prefers? Answers to which too were hilarious. Answer to that is CROCS.

If you liked my article above, please leave your message below in the comments section and I would be happy to discuss further about which brands are suitable for frogs and what different sizes of shoes comes for frogs in the 21st century.

Happy reading!

Zohaib Shaikh

Hi, I'm Zohaib. I too had been suffering from uncomfortable shoes throughout my life. Hope you like my comfortable mugshot!

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