Why Do Women Wear High Heel Shoes?

Why Do Women Wear High Heel Shoes

Our society and era is in the middle of an epidemic? With the raise of hands, who knows what am I ranting about? No it is not the swine flu, and it is absolutely not any disease, but there is still an epidemic. Yes, Finally! It’s the way the modern women is suffering from poorly-fitting shoes resulting into foot problems; has reached epidemic proportions. Don’t believe me, believe the report that has been published by the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle society.

So, now we know the reason behind me writing this article for my beloved readers. Let me now take the liberty to name the culprit behind this. It’s the “HEELS”. YES! These type of shoes are the most dangerous of them all. Only in the United States, approximately 3.5 Billion dollars is spent on women’s foot surgeries. That’s a mind boggling number. According to Washington Post, women are losing 15 million work days in a year because of foot surgeries incurred from these High Heels.

The problem in wearing High Heel; Strappy shoes has got nothing to do with your feet but your knees. Your knees is the place which takes the most strain. High heels alter your posture when you walk resulting in additional strain and stress on your knee area. Article in the Washington Post stressed on the fact that a woman wearing heels has almost 26 percent extra knee joint pressure being exerted while they are walking. And then you are at your knees, and then the Achilles Tendons. Now you all must be wondering what that is. Well, Achilles Tendons is a tough band of fibrous tissue that connects the calf muscles to the heel bone (calcaneus). The Achilles Tendons tighten up and compressed when you are on tiptoes and then we go down the feet and you end up with a lovely thing such as bunions.

Let us not forget our friendly name; Hammertoes. This happens when the big toe section of your feet contracts into a claw-like position.  As opposed to wearing flat shoes, wearing these high heel shoes are obviously a symbol of style; but after wearing them for a sustainable period of time you end with the scariest and the ugliest feet shape most commonly referred to as the hammertoes. One other thing that tops my chart is that would you want all the weight in the airplane to be kept at the NOSE side of the plane? Obviously not! We all know the results to that. Similarly, wearing high heel shoes we are putting all the weight of our body on the frontal toe section of the shoes. This is catastrophic and can result in foot and may also break your ankles.

Since we are here to know more about why women tend to buy these shoes. Let us now focus on that. You would be shocked to know that the popularity of high heels took off first in men folk first rather than women. That is true! Eventually with the globalization and modernization, the trend got picked up within the women circle and now we have millions of stores worldwide selling these pairs at both a fraction and a magnitude of price. The reality behind women’s love towards these high heels is because these make their legs look longer & younger, their butt’s elevated, attractive to men and an undeniable cultural sex symbol.

There are a variety of other reasons which have come up with my in-depth study on this article.  A group of women that believe that heels make their walk more attractive. Due to the elevation the heel provides, it’s a real head turner as compared to those are on a Maryjane version of a shoe. Making them feel more feminine and enhancing their dress code being one of the many reasons high heels are chosen as opposed to regular heels. Not only that, I had read somewhere on our beloved internet that heels get you more male attention. Well that ought to be true to a certain extent as I do get intrigued by a woman in high heels. A group of women poll also resulted in the fact that wearing high heels let them be more persuasive. A study conducted shows that almost 40 percent of the men respond to a women wearing flats as opposed to a whopping 60 percent those who tend to respond to a women wearing medium to high heels. Now that’s a magnificent number for you women out their reading this to hop right into the car and drive yourself to the nearest shoe-shop to pick one pair for yourself to socialize on a weekend night out with your friends.


Let us now crunch the numbers together for conclusion. As of August 2016, a major fashion retailer namely, “JD Williams” categorically reported that flat shoes outsold medium to high heels by a whopping one hundred and forty-eight (148%) percent. And with the adaption of public figures as that of, Nicole Thorp leading the charge, I am certain and captivated to believe that women may now feel comfortable in doing the switch.

Given the above detailed article, I will leave it to my readers to decide what is best for them. Would love to hear your thoughts on the above. Please use the comment box below and I would do my best to reply back.

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